P1010255Some years ago, on the first of January, I made a new year’s resolution.  For once and for all, for good and ever, I was going to give up … making new year’s resolutions.

According to The Miami Herald, almost 97% of resolutions go by the wayside.

It’s partly because the first day of the year is a poor time for framing intentions.  Bloated, dazed and confused by the peace & joy season, we sign off recent excesses with vows we only half mean.

Research indicates that today, or any other ordinary day, is a better time to think about what you want to create in the months ahead — and how you

intend to bring it into being.

Research also shows that a focus on creative intention is likely to prove more productive than resolution. So what’s the difference?

  • New year’s resolutions are often framed as negative responses (giving up, never again). Creative Intention is framed as a positive proposal.
  • New year’s resolutions are made in a vacuum.  Creative Intention requires a where-and-when plan.
  • New year’s resolutions rely on the conscious will.  Creative Intention knows behaviour is driven by both conscious and unconscious impulses.
  • New year’s resolutions see you as flawed, in need of fixing.  Creative Intention recognises that all is unfolding as it should.
  • New year’s resolutions are determined and fixed, aiming to control.  Creative Intention is willing and open, aiming to allow.

Perhaps the biggest difference is the term of the commitment.  As Oscar Wilde said, “A new year’s resolution goes in one year and out another”. But a creative intention, like a puppy, is not just for the holiday season but for life.


NEXT TIME: The Twelve Phases of Conscious Creation.

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