One of the core creative practices is the create-date. Strangely, given that it’s a most-fun-you-can-imagine expedition to do something that excites or delights you, it’s a practice that most of us resist.

Or maybe not so strangely.

We find it so hard, sometimes, to be good to ourselves.

In The Library (open to Reader and Creativist Club Members), you can download a chart that helps you to get, and keep, the habit of a taking weekly create date.

It doesn’t have to be something normally labelled “creative”. It could be playing with a friend’s dog for an hour, or spending some time in the woods. 

You might fancy something scary, like skydiving or bungee jumping. 

Or something childish, like finger painting or trampolining.

A successful create-date is spent doing something that

1] you’d really like to do

2] you haven’t done before, or for a very long time and

3] is pure play (not work in disguise).

Saturday is my create-date day and I report back, when I can, with a blog post.

I’d love to hear about yours too. You can download your Create Date Log here