A Create Date is a weekly outing, spent doing something that 1] you’d really like to do; 2] you haven’t done before, or for a very long time; and 3] is pure play for you (not work in disguise). It may not feel like it but it’s an important creative practice.

Conscious creation is about the play of ideas and insights with action and outcomes. Dedicated, intentional creative play replenishes our font of inspiration like nothing else.

There are three steps to a Create Date:

  • Ask yourself, “what feels like the most fun I could have?”
  • Schedule the time and place, as you would any other appointment.
  • When the time comes, allow yourself to do it.

The last one, the allowing, is the hard bit. Nothing like a create dates show us just how hard we can find it to let go of compulsive working and enjoy ourselves. Our creative selves.

Expect creative resistance. Go do it anyway.

You can keep track of your Create Dates using this: Monthly Create Date Log

I blog about my Create Dates here on Saturdays.   Create Date Examples Here.