This is Part Six in the Creative Living Series. Read Part Five here.

Creative wishlists are long lists of all the wants, needs, desires, cravings, wishes, hopes and dreams you’re carrying at the moment. Everything you want, at this moment in time, for your creative business.

Feeling anxious? Don’t think, just do.

Download a Creative Wishlist here:

Use it to make a list of your wants, wishes, longings, needs… as directed by the map.

Don’t be tame here, go wild.

List what you’ve always wanted, what you most yearn for right now, what you would demand if you were an all-powerful emperor and the universe was your willing and adoring subject.

Aim to write down everything: what you wish you didn’t want, what you think you shouldn’t want, what’s so small it’s hardly worth wanting…

We write them all into our list, knowing we’ll shortly be going through a selection process.  For now, the job is to get the longest possible list.

Print off additional copies of the wish list as you need to. Print loads of them. Be gorgeously greedy. For once in your life, let rip. Want, want, want.

Don’t let feelings of guilt interfere in this process.

When you’re depleted, when there’s not one other single thing you could add to this list, put it under your pillow and (literally) sleep on it.

When you waken in the morning, first thing, add to it. This time, though, write as if the wants were being channeled through you, from the creative spirit itself. What wants to be made, through you?

As if it’s not you who wants all these wild, wonderful and unexpected things, in a way it isn’t. You’re just taking dictation.

It’s only on paper, for a few minutes.

Even if you’re brought to a stop by something surprising, get going again. Keep going until, again, you are depleted.

In the next session, you’ll begin the process of whittling down your lists. But first, let’s have the truth of everything you think you might possibly want at this time, in all its multi-splendored glory.

Go list.

Next time: Creative Choice and Selection

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