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Now you have extracted this significant something, it’s time to turn it from being a desire into an intention.

This intention is what you will work (and rest and play) with, all the way through the seven stages of the creative process, from intention to completion.

When you make a firm intention, it ceases to be just one thought among many. It becomes a project into which you are willing to invest time and energy and, most likely, money (a particular form of energy).

Choosing Good Intentions

It should delight and excite you and strike the right balance between under- and overwhelming.

Something you are willing to give up other things for.

Enthusiasm = Inspiration

Enthusiasm is an interesting word. It comes to English from the French enthousiasme, via Latin derived from Greek: enthousiasmos, from enthous, meaning “possessed by a god, inspired”.

You must be enthusiastic about your intention. Then it has the energy to see itself


It should delight and excite you and strike the right balance between under- and overwhelming, a stretch for you… but not too much of a stretch.

Sometimes we fail to create what we want to create because we’ve stretched too far. But sometimes, it’s not far enough.

Think Bigger

Paul had been talking about renovating his bedroom and the spare bedroom in his house, in his words: “forever”. Whenever he thought about it, he couldn’t summon the energy.

One Sunday over breakfast, he decided to go further. He’d also add on a sun-room downstairs and extend the bedroom above. This would become his room and his current room the spare.

Within ten weeks it was done. The intention to do just one bedroom was too small; once the project expanded, he found his enthusiasm, and with it all the energy he needed.

Intention and inspiration (enthusiasm) together are like a seed that contains whole tree, bough, bark and blossom, long before green shoots begin to break ground.Just as each want has an essential desire underneath, and contains lots of sub-desires within itself, so too does an intention.

Before setting out your intention,  f-r-e-e-write about it and what it means to you.

F-r-e-e-writing Prompt: Why do I want to create this? What will it make happen for me?

Next time, Stating Your Intention

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