creative rest

For a creative, or creative entrepreneur, rest isn’t a break from the process. It is the process.

So around here, we start each week with day of deliberate creative rest… A day to switch off. Lie low. Be present. Let go.

For me, that day is Sunday. Maybe that doesn’t suit you but one day out of seven, have a lazy day. All your projects and people will benefit, and none more than you.

Each Sunday I link to a teacher who specializes in intentional rest. This week it’s Stefan Sagmeister and he’s talking about more than a day off each week.

He’s talking about creative sabbatical.

Creative Sabbatical

Every seven years, Sagmeister takes off one entire year to rethink his work and the world. Yes, Stefan Sagmeister is rich enough to do that.

Or is it the other way round and he’s rich because he values creative rest?

In this TED talk, Sagmeister talks about how important it is to be intentional around creative rest as you are around your creative work.

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