Quarter projects for a creative business

In last month’s online workshop, we looked at the three hats a creative solopreneur must wear to run a successful creative business: crafter, director and entrepreneur.

This month, we drill down into the role of the Creative Director (CD).

How you think when wearing the Director’s hat, and how that relates to your role as the Creative Crafter (CC) and Entrepreneur (CE).

The Director’s role is to look after the assets, processes and tools in your creative business. But it all starts with assets. What makes you a creative solopreneur, and not a small business, or a freelancer, is this generation and development of assets.

So we explore creative assets in more detail and then ask you to chose the most important thing you can do over the next quarter to improve your assets, tools and processes in your creative business.

Here is the video of the workshop. Let me know if you have any questions.


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