Come to my creative workshop,  London, November 25th if you want to learn how to build a business doing what you love–the creative way.

Building a following and a customer base in our fast-paced, kaleidoscopic, digitally-driven world means knowing how to select what’s important, how to stand out from the crowd, and how to sustain yourself emotionally as well as economically.

These are creative skills.

Success in the Creative Age asks you, yes, to be good at what you do but also to know how to offer your value to the world in a way that resonates with others. And nurtures you.

PRICING: Eventbrite price is £125. For my website followers, though, just £99

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Price includes lunch, a copy of the Go Creative! Starter Pack  and other takeaways. PLUS: Three-month membership of the online Creativist Club so the learning continues.



09.30: LIGHTEN UP, LET GO, LEAP IN: The elements of creative success are simple. And essential in today’s Creative Age — but you never learned them at school. Learn them now and never look back.

10.15: MAKING MONEY MAKING MEANING: CREATING VALUE FROM YOUR VALUES. Stop doing what doesn’t work. Engage your own true wants with the processes of intention and attention.

11.00: COFFEE

11.30: PROCESS AND PACE: WORK FAST, REST SLOW, PLAY ALLEGRO: Intention, Incubation, Investigation, Formation, Elaboration, Clarification, Completion: each needs a different set of skills. How to let the project lead. Learn how to “space In”: a foolproof tool for dissolving the three creative killers: doubt, distraction and disappointment that will banish block and foster flow, forevery, making your work in the world fun, rewarding, sustaining, and sustainable.

12.30: GETTING IN THE ZONE: Tom Evans has seven ways to generate creative presence.


14.30: PITCH & PARTNER: Write a pitch that inspires people to action and . No matter how great, if you don’t have a rousing pitch for your project, people will struggle to understand its value. Learn a five-step sequence that will see you leave the workshop with a knockout pitch.  Amplify your influence through publication and through powerful partnerships that help you to stand out and be recognized..

15.30: Comfort Break


“Forget your references, your résumé, and the degree on your wall. You are who google says you are” ~ Wired Magazine. Publishing blogs, reports, audio, video and books builds your authority and attracts opportunity. Balance public and private to create the life and work you want

17.00: ENDS


CREATIVE WORKSHOP LONDON: PRICING: Eventbrite price is £125.

For my website followers, though, just £99

Book Now

Price includes lunch, a copy of How To Create Anything and other takeaways. PLUS: Three-month membership of the online Creativist Club so the learning continues.