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The Creativist Club

This is an online club for people who have something important they want to make or do, or a dream they want to turn to a reality.

In the club, we set a core creative intention, and encourage and motivate each other through the seven stages of the creative process.

You have access to The Creativist Cafe (an online closed forum) and The Library (free books and downloads and other tools).

And success-focused members also have access to The Creativist Studio (an online work-rest-and-play space), where we set deadlines, manage flow and hold each other accountable to our core intentions and their realization.

Members are supported throughout by the Go Creative! books, broadcast and blog. 

Sondra Turnbull, Moderator

The club is not just for artists and writers but for anyone who wants to consciously create anything.

Together with our friendly, generous and knowledgeable moderator, Sondra Turnbull (see Goddess Kindled, left), and other club members, I will be facilitating you through the challenges and resistances, offering methods and motivation, insights and inspiration, and tips and tools all the way.

Everything you need to take you from concept to completion.

The club is now open to its first intake of members. Find Out More Here