As The Creative Intelligence Blog grows in popularity, I need to make a few changes to feedback routes.


Fewer than 0.5% of visitors to this site leave comments, so I have decided to disable them from now on (or at least for a while, to see how it goes).  I do partly regret this, as the debate – especially on freethinking – was often so interesting -but it is a matter of time and energy allocation.  

In the future I will occasionally enable comments for certain posts like that, which invite feedback or discussion but not having to oversee comments on every post will leave me more time for writing books, blogs and searching out great Creative Intelligence links and articles for you.

Trackbacks are still enabled so do feel free to discuss any issue on your own blog and the discussion can continue in that way.  

And of course you can always get in contact by email.

Guest Posts

The Creative Intelligence Blog is currently accepting guest bloggers. This is a good way to get your name in front of a vibrant and growing community centered around creativity, writing and creative living.

If you’ve got a great idea for a post that falls under the rubric of Creative Intelligence and would like to build momentum for your own site or blog, then feel free to make contact.

Inspiring Link of The Day

If you’ve written a cracker of a blog post about some aspect of Creative Intelligence and you’d like me to share it with other Orna Ross readers, the best  way to bring it to my attention is to bookmark it in, and tag it “for:ornaross” (no quotes). This is one of the places I go when seeking the best Creative Intelligence links.

Provided your post is 1) on topic, 2) timely it will be considered and, space permitting, shared.

Preference is given to posts on practical creativity strategies or breakthrough news.  If you send me a post link via email, I may not get back to reading it.  For which: apologies in advance but I’m sure you understand.

Today’s Inspiring Link of The Day:  What Is The Link Between Mental Illness & Creativity?