“How To Create Anything” is a day seminar and practical workshop focussed on you: your innate creative potential and how to apply it to what you most want to create in your life.

What do you want to create with what Mary Oliver calls “your one wild and precious life”? Do you know how to create it?

Maybe you’re resisting, stuck, blocked or self-sabotaging? Maybe you don’t know what to do next? Maybe you tried working with “The Law” of Attraction… and realized there’s a bit more to conscious creation than just wishing and dreaming?

This day workshop and seminar, constructed around the seven stages of the creative process as outlined in Orna Ross’s groundbreaking book, How To Create Anything, will help you to set up your own creative flow and ride the waves of an intention, from concept all the way through to completion.

You may be a creative (somebody who wants to make art or literature) or a creativist (somebody who wants to bring the creative process into every aspect of life). Whichever you are and whatever you want to consciously create, this workshop will give you clarity, the inspiration, the motivation and the skills, tools and techniques you need.

You will learn:

  • How to distinguish between wants, cravings, desires, yearnings, longings and establish your true wants.
  • How to turn a true want into a the perfect creative intention
  • Why willpower doesn’t work well and how creative intention differs from willed resolution
  • How to apply the seven stages of the creative process to whatever you’re creating.

ORNA SAYS: “Trying to catch hold of inspiration is like trying to hold water. The tighter you squeeze, the less you hold. What can be learned is how to work (and play) with the creative process, how to cultivate the create-state, how to get out of the way and allow your creative potential to flow.

“Through fifteen years of teaching and research, I’ve seen how the creative process works for people of all classes and creeds, in every walk of life, making a great variety of different things, projects and experiences, from art to finance to tech.

“We’ve all been cut off from a great source of personal power by an education system that favours conventional over creative learning. This seminar and workshop reverse that loss, give you back what is always there for us, though we are not always there for it.


You’ll work alone alongside others, rather than in groups, on a series of charts, logs and maps to a background of inspirational music, open discussion, and deep listening.

You’ll explore your own creative motivations, capacities and challenges, then listen and learn as those who want to share discuss what emerges.

You’ll examine your values, see what your passions are telling you, and uncover a sense of mission and possibility.

As you listen and learn and — if you want to — share what emerges, you will be building yourself a creative plan, for the coming months, constructed around a seven-stage process.

You’ll leave feeling inspired and motivated, having worked with a band of like-minded others, and knowing you can access further support in the books, blog posts, and an online club. You’ll also feel confident in the knowledge of what you most truly want to make and take away:

  • a one-sentence creative intention you can completely align with
  • a delivery date for your project
  • a sense of your personal challenges and resistance patterns
  • a step-by-step timetable and plan


What if I’m not creative?

You are, you wouldn’t be alive if you weren’t but you’ve been trained out of your creative skills and abilities by a society and education system that privileges more conventional ways of thinking and being. Come along and reconnect…. people like you often benefit the most from this day.

I don’t think what I want to create can be gotten consciously.

It can… because everything can. Yes, everything, from money to meaning, from a relationship to a beautiful home. But you have to understand the essence of what you want and how conscious creation works. Then you can respond appropriately and evolve along with the different stages of the process. It’s called going with the flow and it’s an amazing way to live.

Can I really How To Harness The Creative Process In A Day?

Yes. Few of us understand the process well enough to be able to draw on it with ease. The more you practice it, the better you get at it. You will learn how.

  • How to isolate your MSS – your most significant something – and the essential wants that lie behind it.
  • How to identify the limiting attitudes, beliefs, denials, expectations and fears (abcdeFs) that underlie every creative project. And how to accommodate or dissolve them.
  • How to creatively sustain your body, mind, and spirit so you can take creative risks from a place of safety.

What’s the benefit?

The fun and freedom of a life in creative flow. As you align with your true wants you align with your true self.


How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Just drop me an email at info@ornaross.com

What’s the refund policy?

I will refund any time up to the event so you’re safe to book now, if you’re not sure of your movements, rather than wait and find it’s sold out.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

I’ll have your name on a list but no harm to bring it along.

Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable?

If you can’t use it, for any reason, I’m happy for you to pass it on — but do ensure you give it to somebody who’s likely to understand and welcome the ethos of the event.

    • Experience your own inspiration and creativity in action
    • Acquire three transformative creative practices
    • Learn about the challenges inherent in living a creative life and how to relish them.
    • Enjoy music and writing, connection and conversation — and lots of laughter.
    • Be energized, motivated, uplifted and inspired.
    • Leave with a personal creative map for the month and year ahead, together with techniques that you can use again and again, whenever you want.

The day also includes extensive work-and-playsheet handouts, access to my private online library with logs, maps and downloads, and a free copy of How To Create Anything.