Many of us resist going public with our ideas. It makes us feel vulnerable, like walking down a city street stripped of clothes. And a layer of skin.

Yet we do it. Even though we feel nagging or sometimes even crippling stage fright, on we go.

If we do it often enough, we can find the excitementor trepidation fades. What would be a momentous experience for somebody else – including the younger you who is now somebody else – has turned humdrum.

And what do we go and do then but push our boundaries further? Head off in a new direction that’s just as, or even more, scary. Take off another layer of skin.

Because stage fright arises from our fear of exposure, yes — but also from our desire for it.  We want to be naked to ourselves as well as to others.

Making something out of our idea is making something of ourselves. In its impact is our proof.

By our creations, we are created.