what is f-r-e-e-writing

When I’m writing well, writing is the first thing I do in the day. When I wake in the morning, I don’t read the paper, or my phone, or even any great writers. I don’t record this show, I don’t read my email, I definitely don’t go on Twitter. Instead, after exercise and meditation, I head straight to the free-writing notebook, and free-write — write fast, raw, exact-but-easy — knowing that’s the fastest way to my own true voice.

Then I’ll have slotted in time and space for my allotted writing task.

The point is: the writing gets done first, regardless of what else is there to be done in the day.

Then, through the rest of the working day, I do what Dan Blank and I talk about in this week’s episode of The Go Creative! show: I write in the cracks. I steal away from the other demands of the day and take a deep inspiration breath or two to center me, to get me in to the create state, and then I free-write some more, whenever I can find spare minutes.

I’ve written some of my most significant writing in such stolen moments.

That’s how I set up my creative habit. It works for me.

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So now over to you:

What do you need to do to get whatever you want to create made? What time of the day will you allocate? Will you do it in one fell swoop, or will it be in lots of smaller bits throughout your day? Who encourages you and supports you as you try to set up this new habit? Who does the opposite? What are you going to do about that?

Thinking about these questions, just write fast and raw, exact but easy in your free-writing notebook for three pages.