Ten Reasons to F-r-e-e-write

F-r-e-e-writing has kept me healthy and happy for three decades. Without it, I’d probably be in a twelve-step program by now or locked away somewhere, to protect family and friends.

The side of me that likes to snivel and snark, distress and despair, would have leaked into my life much more had I not safely siphoned it off onto the page.

To me, f-r-e-e-writing is the best tool in a conscious creator’s toolkit and that of course goes for writers too.

Writing fast, raw and exact-and-easy is the key to writing free.

I love to pass it on whenever I can.

F-r-e-e-writing for Writers Workshop

The demands of work mean it’s been some years since I’ve done a live f-r-e-e-writing workshop but on Monday next, February 20th, Joel Friedlander and I will be teaching a one-off (unlikely to be repeated) day workshop on f-r-e-e-writing for writers.

We’ll be going deep, with the aim of liberating your writing voice and freeing you to write what you’re supposed to be writing. Your best, most important work.

Targeted exercises will give you skills that will sustain you for a lifetime, enabling you to get out of your own way, write faster, write better, and love writing more, as you minimize resistance and self-sabotage and get into flow.

Joel believes that f-r-e-e-writing saved his life. You can read what he has to say about that below. We’ve both built ours businesses and books from f-r-e-e-writing and without it I would never have created ALLi, either.

It has given me more than I can ever explain and the scientific research into its benefits are exploding.

 Ten Reasons to F-r-e-e-write

Click to Download: Ten Reasons to F-r-e-e-write

Here’s the handout I’ll be giving at the workshop about ten great reasons to f-r-e-e-write. There are many more, whether what you want to create is books… or anything else.

If you’re in the Bay area, and you are dreaming of writing faster, loving what you write more, and writing better than you thought possible, we’d both love to see you at the workshop on Monday next.

The conference sessions are now sold out but you can register for the f-r-e-e-writing workshop here.

And you can read what Joel has to say about the practice and the workshop below.

F-r-e-e Writing Workshop Comes to the San Francisco Writer’s Conference