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Anybody can create anything they truly want, yes, but not everything they (think they) want. The key here is the word “truly”. True wants are not the false cravings and hankerings that lead towards frustration, disillusion and disappointment.  They are born from passion and lead us to growth, liberation and delight. But sometimes, discerning the difference isn’t easy.

Our natural pattern of satisfying our own creative needs and allowing them to evolve through the various levels of living has been distorted. An unholy and unwholesome alliance between our own cravings and desires (con-state) and Western capitalism makes distinguishing between needs, desires, urges, hankerings, greed, cravings and addiction challenging.

Denying or suppressing our true desires, we flick the channels between ads, eat food from which all nutrition has been leached, ingest alcohol or drugs or pornography to muffle our unexpressed longings, and feed us a substitute high or comfort.

Our thoughts and feelings around wants, true or false, can feel very intense: I wish… I must have… If only… Why can’t I… It’s good but… I need more. They seem to be about the wanted object, the particular thing or experience, but actually it’s just the con-state doing what it always does: focusing on lack, on what’s not here, now.

The object of desire keeps changing, the pattern stays the same. It will always be there, until you ignite creative consciousness, which focuses on presence, on what is here, now.

You cannot stop the waves of con-mind thought any more than you can stop your breath. You wouldn’t want to. Once you see it for what it is and integrate it with your creative side, con-mind becomes a wonderful tool for life and for work.

So long as you fail to recognize its ways, or get caught in them, you condemn yourself to seek and not find.

It is the create-state that liberates us from endless longing, that replaces it with a sense of belonging. We come home to the present moment, where are always sheltered and supported. Now we are free to take risks, from this place of safety.

By replacing thought with awareness, self-obsession with self-care, the string of time with the flow of now, we step into our own lives. We wake up to what’s there.

Each moment becomes a rebirth of the self as a temple of mystery and possibility. We rediscover the wisdom of spontaneity and the comfort of creative connection.

Keats said: “I am sure of nothing but the holiness of the heart’s affections and the truth of the imagination”.

Entering the create-state ignites that holiness, fosters that truth. We find our way to the wonder that’s always there.

TRY THIS: Creative Wish List

  1. Download the Creative Wishlist Exercise
  2. Cultivate the create-state in your preferred way. Creativist Club members find free Inspiration Meditations in our library here.
  3. While in the create-state, fill out the creative wish-lists.


  • Use f-r-e-e-writing to explore Your passion
  • What do you most care about? What do you most enjoy? What have you always loved?

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