I’ll be writing all about BEA Chicago in my first Monday opinion column on the self-publishing advice blog, shortly.

But I wanted to bring you guys this highlight.

Mavis Staples was there, promoting her book and giving a secret concert. I couldn’t go because I was at the Goodreads dinner that evening (also a wonderful event) but Christine Monroe from Kobo assures me she was completely fabulous — as ever.

Mavis is super busy at the moment, what with promoting her book,  a new documentary and finishing Pops Staples (her dad’s) posthumous album.

Mavis sang ‘Friendship’ from it at the show, and it was so lovely,” says Christine. 

Lot more in this great article for the Guardian, “I Often Think What Would Have Happened if I Had Married Bob Dylan”.

But of course the guests on this slot are not here for their creative work, however wonderful, but their attitude to creative living. And it is Mavis’s attitude to daily life that I find super inspiring.

I go to the cleaners, I go down in the basement to wash my clothes.

I don’t have anyone running around for me like some of my girlfriends, Gladys Knight or Aretha – I’ve always done for myself.

I feel if you don’t go out there, if you don’t mingle among the people, how are you going to know what they need to know, and hear what they need to hear?

That’s the good part. That’s the best part.

Just treat everyone right.

Thank you Mavis, for your life long commitment to the people. And as Pops’ put it on his final, fabulous album, “Don’t Lose This”.