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Go Creative! in Business Support: Facebook Groups, Monday Motivator and More

Go Creative! in Business Support: I offer a range of supports to indie authors who want to make a living from their writing and other creative entrepreneurs (CEs for short).

These supports enable and empower anyone who runs a passion-powered businesses (e.g. artists and activists, coaches and counsellors, teachers and healers) to stay centered, independent, self-directed and creatively free.

These days every business is also in the self-publishing business. All business owners, but especially those in creative business, are waking up to the value of self-publishing, from brochures to videos to books and social media. The work of today’s self-publishing author has more in common with other such business-minded creatives than with trade-published authors who license all their intellectual property to one publisher, and use a single literary agent to handle their business.

The authors and creatives I work with relish the challenges of independence, self-direction and creative freedom. And yes, it sometimes gets confusing, even overwhelming. that’s where these supports come in. They are not hacks, tools or shortcuts but timeless and ongoing reminders of how to reconnect with your own creative capacity, so you can banish block, foster flow and manifest your own definition of true creative and commercial success.

Go Creative! in Business Support: Two Facebook Groups

The Go Creative! in Business Group

go creative! in business be sure to follow rupi on instagram and facebook for continuous updates.Go Creative! in Business Group where we:

  • Map our creative intentions each Monday
  • Return each Saturday to log what we actually accomplished during the week.

The aim of this group is to motivate, encourage and support each other in our creative intentions. It is a closed, private group.

You’re invited to set your weekly intentions with us too


The Go Creative! Flow Practice Group

go creative! in business supportCreative Flow Practice Group where we:

  • Meet online on Facebook Live to practice Inspiration Meditationp and F-r-e-e-writing together, two powerful and complementary creative practices that dissolve creative block and foster creative flow.
  • Catch up in replay, any time, wherever you are in the world

The group is closed and completely private. Join our small band of dedicated practitioners here.


Go Creative! in Business Support: Monday Motivator

The Monday Motivator Email

go creative! in business tools

Each Monday morning I send out an email to thousands of dedicated creative entrepreneurs (CEs) each week, sharing my own creative experiences, passing on tips and tools and techniques, and setting intentions for the week.

It is designed for those who want to do creative business the creative way and also includes a round-up from the Alliance of Independent Authors self-publishing advice center.

If you run a passion-powered business and could do with a bit of Monday motivation, sign up here

 Go Creative! in Business Support: The Creativist Club

Tgo creative! in business toolshe Creativist Club is my online club for creative entrepreneurs, creatives and creativists who are working from the principles based on the Go Creative! books.

This is a group of dedicated people committed to doing the creative work, rest and play it takes to make a long-term, sustainable and scalable living from a passion-powered business

And to bringing the creative approach to every aspect of our lives.

It is the aim of all of us to run our creative businesses the creative way. We offer each other the support, motivation and creative empowerment that we all need sometimes when the challenges mount.

More information here

Go Creative! in Business Support: Books

The Go Creative! books are currently being republished in new editions. You can buy and pre-order the books on this website.

PREORDER HERE (preferred by me)

Or, of course, if preferred by you, you can pre-order and buy on Amazon, Kobo, Apple or wherever you buy your books.

Visit my bookshop here.


Go Creative! In Business Tools

Go Creative! In Business tools

Go Creative! In Business tools

Go Creative! In Business tools

Go Creative! In Business tools

Go Creative! In Business support