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Go Creative! in Business: Planning Resources for Indie Authors and Poets

As well as running ALLi, the non-profit association for self-publishing authors, I offer a variety of Go Creative! in Business planning resources for indie authors and poets.

So much of the business advice on the internet and in business books is cookie-cutter, one-dimensional, and mechanistic. Data-driven. Profit-motivated.  Of course, the data we can now access so easily is a great gift, and of course we must offer value to our readers, but creative business is not driven solely by numbers. And creative writing is not a popularity contest.

Your publishing and your way of doing business can be as expressive of you as your writing. Just like your books, your author business can contain and reflect your hopes, your dreams, your intentions, your imagination—and your flaws and failings too.

That’s what makes running a creative business so exhilarating. And so challenging. As an indie author, your business planning must allow for the fact that you are motivated by money and meaning, profits and purpose, income and inspiration. It must account for the creative rest and play that are utterly central to creative work. And it must be flexible enough to allow for intuition, spontaneous insights and inspired deviations.

The Go Creative! in Business planning process does this, allowing you to take the road less traveled, while still making great books, reaching more readers and increasing your income, influence and impact.

This is the planning method I use to run ALLi and my own writing and publishing business. If your author business is not progressing as you hoped, I invite you to adopt and adapt this method for yourself.

To empower your creative business planning, I offer:

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Go Creative! in Business Publications: Books, Workbooks, Playbooks

Creative Business Planning for Authors

print only £9.99

The planning method is based on the principles outlined in the Go Creative! in Business Starter Pack.

Quarterly and monthly planners are also available, along with a dedicated F-r-e-e-writing Notebook and the Creativist Compendium,

These resources are all based on a seven-step sequence that guides you through integrating the making, managing, and marketing your books into a profitable author business.

The principles are also the basis of the theory and exercises in my guide to Creative Self-Publishing

Go Creative! in Business Email: Free Mid-Month Motivator

Receive a mid-month planning pep talk from me.

Go Creative! in Business: Paid Monthly Membership

My premium option is a planning membership that includes downloadable resources and planners, a mid-month motivator and a Facebook group for accountability and support and a small-group monthly live workshop.

The workshops run on zoom but these are not large-scale webinars. Places are limited so personal attention is assured.

I started this membership because so many indie authors are struggling to integrate the three big skills they need to have–writing, publishing and business–into one successful enterprise.

That’s what it’s designed to facilitate.

It’s not for everyone, as it does take a particular approach to business planning, that centers on ensuring your heart and soul, not just your mind and ego, are embedded in your business intentions. It requires emotional and imaginative as well as mental labor. It encourages you to go deeper and achieve more by doing less.

You can unsubscribe after a single workshop or any time you want.

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Go Creative! in Business: Facebook Group

In our Facebook group we support, motivate and hold each other accountable by mapping our creative intentions each Monday morning and logging our accomplishments each Friday evening.

Join the Creative! Business Planning for Authors Facebook group here