Go Creative Monday Motivator

This is your weekly Go Creative! reminder. 

Make time today to map your week around what’s most important to you.

Don’t let the distractions of the outer world drag you away from what you most want to make with your life.

This week, I’ve been thinking about creative block and breakthrough, as I work through the biggest creative challenge I’ve ever set myself: to have nine books ready for my workshop in London, by November 25th.

From here, I have to admit, it’s feeling scary and I’m using all my own tools and techniques to stay in flow.

One of those is to reframe those scary feelings that could derail things as “creative anxiety“. Anything worth doing is going to make you feel like this and challenging yourself is a core principle of living the creative and creativist life.

I find it helps to understand my own particular blocks and to know that I don’t have to do anything historic here, just stick to the tasks I’ve set myself and the rest and play that supports them.

You can read about the difference between historical and individual creativity below. It’s important not to confuse them.

I know that meditation and exercise are also core to keeping the flow flowing, as is f-r-e-e-writing. And to staying happy and relaxed in busy times. (I also have preparations for Frankfurt Book Fair and Indie Author Fringe on the go at the moment.)

That’s why three of the books in the series are practice guides: to effortless exercise (for body), to f-r-e-e-writing (for mind) and to Inspiration meditation (for spirit)

What are you creating right now? What do you use to sustain your flow? I love to hear about what your up to. Join us in our secret Facebook Group ( The Creativist Cafe ) to share your doings and dreamings.

Till next time, happy hatchings!


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