I begin every work day, by giving 90 minutes to my writing.

No matter what else is going on.

If I have to attend something early in the morning (though I avoid this by only setting appointments for the afternoon) I get up 90 minutes earlier.

This is the creative principle of First Things First

When I started doing some years ago, after reading the advice online, it changed everything for me.

Everybody has things they want you to do, including your con-mind.

I get more done during that first 90 minutes work period of the day, and feel more satisfied with my output, than I do later.

My mental energy and my capacity for focus diminish as the day wears on. By late afternoon, my attention is fractured and needs a lot of work to focus in.

Anything challenging that I put off till then tends not to get done.

So: first things first.

F-r-e-e-writing prompt: What do you need to put first in your day?

Next Time: Work in 90 minute waves.

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