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“My daughter, Anna, used to say, “I used to think that hope was for wimps. Hope is not for wimps: it’s for the strong-hearted who can recognise how bad things are and yet not be deterred, not be paralysed.

“Hope is not something we find, hope is something we become.

“This is the first generation to know that the choices we’re making have ultimate consequences. It’s a time when you either choose life or you choose death…  Going along with the current order means that you’re choosing death.

We’re just a drop in the bucket… [yes but] if you have a bucket, those raindrops fill it up very fast…  Our work is helping people see that there is a bucket. There are all these people all over the world who are creating this bucket of hope.

Hunger is not caused by a lack of food, it’s caused by a lack of democracy.”

From Frances Moore Lappe’s Hope Dies Last: Keeping The Faith in Difficult Times, as quoted by Margaret Atwood in (Curious Pursuits, page 356).


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