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“Art is anything an artist calls art.  An artist is someone who makes or does something she or he thinks of as art. Most art is bad, but you don’t get the good art without the bad.

“Our best artists make stuff they know is bad; the difference is that they destroy it themselves.

“Art is a part of life, but in order to be art it has to create for itself a separate zone, what we might call the art space or the art time.

“Human beings have always done art. They have set aside time to carry out activities that did nothing obviously useful… For most of human history, the artist has had no duty to record what things or animals or people actually looked like. The subject of art was more often something that could not be seen…

“The kids who get up at midnight and head out to a derelict wall to begin working on a graffito are working within a demanding tradition that requires the sequence of execution to have been worked out in detail in advance, before any mark can be made. They can make no money out of what they do. There are no prizes for them. They could go to jail. There is no truer example of the sacredness of the art enterprise than this.


Full Article Here:  Now Please Pay Attention Everybody. I’m About To Tell You What Art Is. The Guardian Mon March 7 2011.

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