Last Time: Go Creative… With Poppy Z Brite

“I hit the streets for the same reason a lot of other kids do: I … loved the idea of cutting myself loose from the rules and low ceilings of the straight world.

“The truth is that most kids on the corner aren’t making big money … The kid on the streets is getting a shot at a dream.

“The dream is that he will be the one to make this hustling [drugs] thing pay off in a big way … They’re working because they think they’re due for a miracle.

“The kid in McDonald’s gets a check and that’s it. There’s no dream in fast food…  At that time, [to me] it seemed like an act of surrender to a world that hated us.

“Manager? That’s a promotion, not a dream.

“It took me a long time to realize how much courage it took to work at McDonald’s.”

From Decoded by Jay-Z (2012).

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