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satish kumars creative intelligence

“Artists and artisans are alchemists. They transform base material into objects of beauty, utility and delight.

“I have used the terms ‘artists’ and ‘artisans’ together… because all artisans are artists, as all artists are skilled in their crafts. The distinction is divisive and derogatory.

“Being an artist or an artisan is not a hobby: it is a livelihood. Moreover, a craft economy is a truly sustainable and resilient economy; indeed, a peace economy.

“The sooner we embrace the arts and crafts as an integral part of our daily lives, the sooner we will be able to address the economic, environmental and spiritual issues of our time.

“The industrial economy is a growth economy – never enough and never satisfied – whereas the craft economy is a dancing economy – always active and always joyful.

“The way to a fulfilled life is through the arts and crafts. They lead us out of consumerism.”

By Satish Kumar.
Read the full article and check out Resurgence Magazine: here

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