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Go Creative!

When we’re cut off from our own creative power, we become first distracted, our daily energy dissipated into mindless activities. Then we become disillusioned and disconnected. In time, despair sets in.

Socially we tend to label this as a psychological problem and sometimes it may be– but for many, it is firstly an educational challenge.

Most people don’t know how to consciously create.

We have been educated out of our creative capacities and our ability to conjure our natural creative skills (what the Go Creative! books call “creative mind” or “create-state“). The default for schools, workplaces, media, and social structures are the more conventional, conceptual and conformist ways of thinking and behaving (“conceptual mind” or “con-state”).

To tap back into the creative flow that is innately there, we need to re-educate our bodies and brains. Understand how creativity works. Change our habits to align with its needs.

A new brand of creativepreneur is doing just that, through running digital micro-businesses based on creative principles.

This nine-book series is a guide to how to set up and run a successful creative enterprise (for-profit or non-profit) as a creativepreneur.

Go Creative! Creative Principles

Lightening Up: You’ll learn how you haven’t been accessing a fraction of your creative capacity; how it is easy to get stuck or waylaid in creative business and how creative block shows up for you, personally. You’ll learn the differences between con-mind and creative-mind and how to ignite the create state at will. You’ll learn about the three hats a creativepreneur must wear, together with a versatile and foolproof mapping method to bring them together in a working week. And you’ll learn the importance of creative play in integrating the different aspects of the job.

Leaping In: You’ll learn about the seven stages of the creative process and how to take anything you truly want to create through those seven stages; the skills of freethinking and f-r-e-e-writing; and how to best manage time and energy in your creative work, the importance of creative assets to your business and how to build them.

Letting Go:  With clarified vision and awareness, you’ll learn the sequence of creative success and how to constantly experiment, explore and improve your business.  You’ll learn how to make every moment a creative moment, and how to take all your projects from desire to done, so yu can  make a living doing what you love. You’ll also learn the importance of creative rest and how, for a creative, rest is not a break from the process. It is the process.

Creative Flow Practice

You’ll also learn a variety of creative practices: Create Dates;  Creative Mapping; Effortless Exercise; F-r-e-e-writing, Inspiration Meditation and more. And be connected to a vibrant group of other online creativepreneurs where you can ask your questions, set weekly creative intentions, join in a daily creative flow practice and more.

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