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When we’re cut off from our own creative power, we become disillusioned and eventually despairing.

Most doctors, counselors, and therapists label this a psychological problem and sometimes it may be but I believe it is primarily an educational challenge.

Most people don’t know how to consciously create.

Worse, they are educated out of using their natural creative skills by schools, workplaces, media and social structures that are highly suspicious of all things creative.

By re-educating body and brain, anyone can easily tap back into the creative flow that is, always, a natural part of human life. We can all create what we most truly want in life.

We are all meant to.

For many years, I’ve taught creative theories, tools and techniques to people of varying class and color, creed and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, ability and disability and in every setting you can imagine: from half-empty community halls to the exhibition halls of major publishing conferences; from magnificent hotels to online Google hangouts from home; from university seminar rooms to spiritual retreat centers.

I know conscious creation is a much deeper process that that promoted by most Law of Attraction gurus — but also much simpler than our conventional thinking would allow. I’ve seen the benefits unfolding, after a short re-education, in people of both sexes, in many different countries, and at every level of income.

I’ve seen lives so completely, and reliably, transformed by these tools and techniques that I now pass them on whenever I can.

There are three stages:

  • Lightening Up: You’ll learn how you haven’t been accessing a fraction of your creative capacity; how it is easy to get stuck or waylaid; the differences between conventional and creative thinking and how to ignite the create state at will; the tools you need to lighten up and the importance of creative play. (Practices: Mindfree Movement and Create Dates)
  • Leaping In: You’ll learn about the seven stages of the creative process and how to take anything you truly want to create through those seven stages; the skills of freewriting and freethinking; a versatile and foolproof mapping method and the importance of creative work. (Practices: F-r-e-e-writing and Creative Mapping)
  • Letting Go:  With clarified vision and awareness, you’ll reevaluate your situation here and now.  You’ll learn how you previously created what you already have; how to make every moment a creative moment; the skill of inspiration meditation and creative breathing and the importance of creative rest. (Practices: Creative Breathing and Inspiration Meditation)

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