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February 6, 2018


2018 Workshop 2: The Three Components of A Creative Business

with Orna Ross and

Learn about the three hats every creative business owner must wear and how to balance them through Go Creative! Mapping. Also an overview of the coming quarter.

The Three Components of A Creative Business

To run our creative business the creative way, we need to understand three core components of a creative business. I think of it as learning to take on and off three different hats:

  • You put on your Crafter Hat for the work you need to do in your business: your creative projects, products and services (IB).
  • You put on your Director Hat for the work you need to do on your business: your creative assets, processes and profits (OB)
  • You put on your Entrepreneur Hat for  the work you need to do about your business: your creative ideas, pitches and publications (AB)

In this online workshop, we look at what that means, at a practical level, and begin thinking about how we might map the three across the coming quarter.

Creative Mapping