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The Creativist Club

The Creativist Club is an online community of creative entrepreneurs who support, motivate and empower each other to bring their projects (and the money and publishing plans that support the projects) all the way from concept to completion.

From desire to done — the creative way.

In the club, you set a core creative intention (whatever it is you most truly want to make, right now, with associated publishing and money maps), and get encouragement, motivation and accountability from club facilitators and other members.

And a set of maps and logs, tools and techniques, that cannot fail if you follow them.

We do everything we can to help you make it.

creative workshop londonAs a club member you’ll receive:

Webinars: Monthly online workshops on a key Go Creative! theme that include the opportunity to have your questions and challenges answered, live.

  • The Library. Free downloads of maps, tools and other resources that cannot fail if you follow them.
  • The Café. Closed Facebook forum. This is not unmoderated chatter, but dedicated and talented creative entrepreneurs supporting each other, sharing tips and tools, wins and challenges, and collaborating where appropriate.
  • The Studio. Dedicated online workspace where a moderator holds you accountable for taking your creative intention from desire to done. Unique and personally-tailored methods and motivation.

The creative way is different. More fluid, more graceful, more effective, more productive.

If you’ve been struggling with conventional productivity and motivation methods, is it time for you to go creative?

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