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The Creativist Club

This online club enables and empowers you, so you can bring any project through the seven stages of the creative process from concept to completion.

From desire to done — the creative way.

In the club, you set a core creative intention (whatever it is you most truly want to make, right now), and get encouragement and motivation from club facilitators and members — together with a set of maps and logs that cannot fail if you follow them.

We do everything we can to help you make it. Member benefits include The Creativist Cafe (our online closed forum) The Library (free books and downloads and other tools) and The Creativist Studio (an online space where we work with you to set deadlines and manage workflow, the creative way).

And of course members are also supported by the Go Creative! books, broadcast and blog. 

Sondra Turnbull, Moderator

For Creativists and Creatives

This club is not just for writers or creatives but for anyone who wants to consciously create anything.

Together with our friendly, generous and knowledgeable moderator, Sondra Turnbull (see Goddess Kindled, left), and other club members, I’ll be there to help you through the challenges and your own creative resistance, with unique and personally-tailored methods and motivation.

Club Benefits

  • The Creativist Cafe — Our members regularly fix themselves their favorite drink, and then join our online Facebook forum for creatives and creativists. This is not unmoderated chatter, but dedicated creativists, encouraging and supporting each other, sharing tips and tools, highlights and challenges, and lots of fun.
  • The Creativist Library — free downloads of the Go Creative books, together with maps, downloads and other resources
  • The Creativist Studio — our dedicated Asana Workspace for Success Members, who are focussed on achieving their creative intentions

In addition, you’ll receive endless insights and inspiration, together with ongoing creative tips and tools on the Creative Living segment of my blog.

Everything you need to catch your own creative flow and allow it to take you, effortlessly and imaginatively, through the seven stages of the process, from creative intention (Stage 1) to completion (Stage 7).

The creative way is different. More fluid, more graceful, more self-loving. If you’ve been struggling with conventional productivity and motivation methods, is it time for you to go creative?