2014 has been one crazy ride of a year and I loved every moment. That’s creative loving I’m talking about, of course: in order to love every moment, you have to stop judging or labelling people or happenings as “good” or “bad”.

You have engage with them all, equally, from the same, clear-eyed space, the space beyond con mind. The space that lies between — and within and beyond — the words “good” or “bad”.

That’s the creative space that transforms everything.

Rudyard Kipling (a writer I could very easily judge and label as sexist and jingoistic) has expressed this best:

“If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same…”

Both impostors paid me visits in 2014. A beloved family member is dying from motor neurone disease, one of life’s cruellest ways to leave this world. A close friend is coping with suicide, another with violence in the home. There was also plenty of what the conventional world, the imposters’ cheerleader, would label “good”: my two children set up lovely homes and happily launched their working lives; the Go Creative! project found its feet and the perfect supporter in Yen Ooi; ALLi goes from strength to strength, thanks to the work of Debbie Young, Karen Lotter, Nerys Hudson, Geraldine Somerset, Jim Giammatteo and the newest addition to our team, Jay Artale.

A gorgeous cafe opened in the old stables in my local park and that’s where I do my F-R-E-E-writing now most mornings.  I started to make audiobooks, a new adventure. And  poetry and story favoured, and flavoured, most of my days.

Who could ask for more?

But it is the creative way to do just that: to value all that is being given while consciously engaging in making something else, something new.

So yes, I have plans and creative intentions for 2015. One of them is changes to this blog. In 2015, I’ll be concentrating more on helping you finish and deliver your creative projects and sharing more with you about what it takes to create, finish and deliver my own.

For now, I wish you a wholly happy new year in 2015. May you find within yourself what you need to love every triumphant, disastrous, and in-between moment of it.