How Do You Use Social Media

How do you use social media? When I started out, I used them all in similar ways. Now I do quite different things on different platforms.

As I write across so many genres, that’s very useful to me but I think the principle holds through for everyone.

Take my Facebook Author page as an example.  I used to have a bookshop in it, which nobody ever used. I now use it for my monthly Facebook Live events, and that’s far more enjoyable and effective for me.

Below I outline the strategy worked out with Alexa and Belinda, for the Alliance of Independent Authors and my own work as an author… where they converge and depart from each other.

How Do You Use Social Media: ORNA ROSS Author Website

Inspire and attract thoughtful readers/listeners/viewers of:

  • Inspirational poetry
  • Literary / historical / family cross-generational fiction

Clarify and raise awareness of the Orna Ross brand (separate from ALLi and nonfiction writing):

  • OR as an Irish novelist (literary / historical novels)
  • OR as an Irish screenwriter (historical feature films)
  • OR as an Irish poet (inspirational poetry)

It will also give a behind-the-scenes look at my writing life, my own creative practice in writing, publishing and doing creative business the creative way (BUT for advice and tips: @IndieAuthorALLi)

TONE: personal, intimate, teaching what I need to learn, writing what I need to read.


How Do You Use Social Media: ALLi and Selfpublishing Center

So here’s what we’ve got:



  • I use Goodreads to host giveaways and log my own reading


  • I use Google+ to autopost my blogs, for extra Google juice


  • I use Instagram to visually and verbally capture moments of creative presence (often in nature), with a picture and a poem (often a #haiku) and to post quotes from my books.


  • I use LinkedIn to be a brochure page that tells people what I do


  • Instagram is linked to my Patreon page, which I have just started using to connect my poetry followers more closely together and allow them to become a #poetry patron:


  • I use Pinterest to upload pics that take my fancy … should use it better for book covers etc.


  • I use ALLi’s twitter to post information links to great posts about self-publishing and creative entrepreneurship
  • I use my own Twitter to tell people about my fiction and poetry and share my ideas


  • This will be my last social medium for the foreseeable future and I intend to use it to  post chapters of my fiction and non-fiction

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