Today, I’m going to be working with my friend and close colleague in self-publishing adventures, Joanna Penn of The Creative Penn.

Jo is probably the world’s most popular indie author, for her generosity in sharing the details of her own self-publishing pathway, for her incredibly positive energy and impressive creative flow.

Together we’re facilitating this unique one-day intensive for 45 writers at Regent’s Park University in London.

Called “How to Make a Living (and a Life) from Writing”, it’s aimed at authors and bloggers who want to turn their writing into their job.

We’ll be delving into the creative process, the different business models open to writers, and tips and techniques to open up more income streams.

Jo and I have completely different writing and teaching styles and we’ll be taking different approaches on the day. We believe the authors will gain the benefits of both.

She’ll come at it from a commercial angle, I’ll come in from the creative side; she’ll be high-energy information, I’ll be using exercises to foster creative wisdom, and getting the authors to look at their passion, their mission, their relationship with money and their definition of success.

But we’ll both be giving the same strong message. Contrary to the doom and gloom you’ll hear all around you, it is possible to make a living from your writing… today, as never before.

To run your own life and living, as creative director of your own books business. Or global media empire, if you’re thinking big!

We’ve both done it and so can you.

In true creative fashion, the day will be  a bit of an experiment and exploration for us but we’re looking forward to working together in this way, for the first time, and we’re confident that everybody will leave not just with more knowledge about self-publishing in all its forms and formats, but also a deeper understanding of their own connection to words.

And to money.

And, of course, a plan and pathway they can follow immediately.

If all goes well, we’ll be doing more of these. So if you’d like to turn writing and publishing into a career, stay tuned