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How To Self-Publish Books The Creative Way

Are you interested in knowing  how to self-publish books the creative way, with maximum pleasure and profit, creative and commercial satisfaction?

My How To Self-Publish Books For Pleasure and Profit gathers together all I’ve learned how to self-publish books the creative wayfrom  running the Alliance of Independent Authors, from its magnificent members and advisors, and from publishing my own fiction, poetry and non-fiction.

How To Self-Publish Books The Creative Way

In 2011 I self-published my first book (a poetry pamphlet) and soon afterwards entered negotiations with my fiction publisher to take my rights back. It has been the best move of my writing life (you can read my self-publishing story here).

People self-publish for all kinds of reasons but the kinds of author-publishers I work with most are:

  • writers who want to make a living from writing and publishing books


  • other creative entrepreneurs who understand that publishing (in the widest sense) is the key to growing their passion-powered enterprises.

How To Self-Publish Books The Creative Way: Best Advice For Self-Publishing Authors

The Alliance of Independent Authors runs the self-publishing advice center (SPAC) at www.selfpublishingadvice.org.


how to self-publish books the creative way

The Self-Publishing Advice Center offers advice across the seven processes of publishing:

It also has sections on:

How To Self-Publish Books The Creative Way: Best Advice For Other Creative Entrepreneurs

Every creative business is now also in the book publishing business. That’s because digital publishing is the way contemporary businesses build creative assets and optimise their impact, income and influence.how to self-publish books the creative way

The Go Creative! books offer a comprehensive overview of what it is to be a creative entrepreneur these digital days and the role that digital publishing plays in

  • building assets
  • finding your micro-niche, passion, purpose and community
  • attracting leads and conversions
  • building income, influence and impact
  • creating a sustainable enterprise

Packed with advice, theories, research and F-r-e-e-writing exercises, these books explain why creatives must do business the creative way. And what that means. And how to do it.