Stuck in a creative rut? Confused about where to start? Spinning that hamster wheel and not going anywhere? Or caught in resistance (or even self-sabotage) mode?

Creative Mentoring

Those who know me for my creative mentoring work know that I have a long waiting list and places come up rarely. My slate is full with people who are dedicated and determined, and I’m all theirs until they decide they’re ready to go it alone.


For my current crowdfunding project – Secret Rose – I am offering followers and fans the chance to jump the waiting list and enjoy either a single “How To Create Anything” session, or a package of three sessions.

(There is only one place available on each!)


BONUS: As it’s part of my crowdfunding adventure, you will also receive a beautiful exclusive edition of ‘Secret Rose’, a double-book (WB Yeats’s The Secret Rose and my book, Her Secret Rose) in very special replica of WB Yeats’s first edition.

If you’re interested, go to and select the CREATIVE MENTORING reward for either one session, or a package of three sessions.

Did I mention that there’s only one place left on each?