in the hour

I received two emails from readers recently about the third part of my Ireland trilogy. They wanted to know when In the Hour,  the next novel in the series, was going to publish. I took this as a sign to get a move on!My Next Novel: In The Hour

Sooooo…. lovers of fine family fiction, novelist me is back.

You may remember that many moons ago, as we upgraded the Alliance of Independent Authors author guides and I re-published the Go Creative! Series, I swapped over to exclusively writing non-fiction for a while.

That nonfiction work isn’t quite complete yet–but light has begun to flicker at the end what looks set to be a four-month-long tunnel ahead.

That’s about how long I reckon it will take to finish those projects and have blocks of time to devote to fiction again.

I can’t wait!

When I started in on those two series, I knew it would take time. I called it my “non-fiction year”. It actually took twice as long as expected. (I really must get better at matching time to task)

By the time I’m finished, it will have turned into two years. It’s been a productive time that yielded many new books, three website revamps, two daily blogs, a weekly podcast, and a whole new wing to my author business.

But oh, how I’ve missed writing fiction, especially in recent months. Characters, settings, plots. The whole magical phantasmagoria we call The Novel.

I am now starved of it and longing to return.

So inspired by the title of the next novel I want to write, In the Hour, I asked myself: what work could I do on this book now, while I’m still working on the non-fiction?

In The Hour: Third Part of my Irish Trilogy

In the Hour is the third part of my Irish Trilogy. The first novel I wrote was After the Rising and I wrote it over a decade ago.  The second volume Before The Fall quickly followed.

But it has me taken till now to feel ready to write In the Hour.

I still have a lot of work to finish my non-fiction but instead of waiting for it to be done and dusted before making a start on the novel, I’ve decided to take 20 minutes a day to do note-making and scene sketching over my morning coffee, instead of reading the paper or whatever.

I’m in the earliest of stages in the book, just gathering notes on the images and plot lines that are beginning to flicker in my imagination.

A swollen tidal river, burst banks, a flood that turns Wexford into little Venice.

A car that turns into a flooded street in darkness.

The drowning of the driver.

Was it an accident? Or was it, as our narrator Jo believes, a suicide? The question has some relevance for her because the drowned man was her father.

I thought it would be fun to bring you along with me for the fiction ride this time.

So during this upcoming four months, I’m going to devote a blog post each Friday to fiction (FictionFriday), which will post those notes and sketches and maybe even some extracts from In the Hour.

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