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Tools I use To Self-Publish

If you’re thinking about self-publishing, or expanding your indie author business, you might be interested in how I do what I do and the publishing tools I use.

My book, How I Self-Publish My Books And How You Should Self-Publish Yours, goes into this in detail.

  • Thank You F-R-E-E-Writing for too much to tell. And thank you designer extraordinaire, Jane Dixon-Smith for helping me create this special notebook designed for the purpose.
  • Thank You Scrivener for being such a fine writing software that it makes me weep to see writers trying to write books on MS Word (I know, I know, you probably love Word, I did once too, but trust me, it’s not designed for long-form writing). Scrivener is not only a knockout writing software, it also compiles great .mobi & .epub files.
  • I used to use Scrivener for all my formatting but that was before the wonderful Vellum came along.
  • Thank you Amazon, Apple, IngramSpark and Kobo for taking my books directly to readers all round the globe.
  • Thank you Draft2Digital, PublishDrive and Smashwords for reaching those readers the Big Four  don’t reach.
  • Thank You Evernote for allowing me to make notes that I can synch across phone, iPad and desktop. Your nowhere-to-hide search function, web clipper, photo note function and 1000 other features (I seem to discover something new and knockout every day) make you far and away the best notes app.
  • Thank You Dragon speech-to-text, for allowing me to dictate without typing. I’m using you right now, to “write” this.