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Tools I use

Here is a list of “Thank Yous” dedicated to my favorite tools that help me to focus, make notes, write and format my manuscripts, spread the word about my books, reach my readers and in all other creative activities.

  • Thank You F-R-E-E-Writing for too much to tell. And thank you designer extraordinaire, Jane Dixon-Smith for helping me create this special notebook designed for the purpose.
  • Thank You Scrivener for being such a fine writing software that I only weep when I look back at my MS Word days. AND for also compiling my manuscripts into great .mobi & .epub files that I can then upload to ebook retailers. You’ve saved me a formatting fortune!
  • Thank you Amazon, Apple, IngramSpark and Kobo for taking my books directly to readers all round the globe.
  • Thank you Draft2Digital, PublishDrive and Smashwords for reaching those readers the Big Five don’t reach.
  • Thank you Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads for spreading the word about the books.
  • Thank You Evernote for allowing me to make notes that I can synch across phone, iPad and desktop. Your nowhere-to-hide search function, web clipper, photo note function and 1000 other features (I seem to discover something new and knockout every day) make you far and away the best notes app.
  • Thank You Dragon speech-to-text, for allowing me to dictate without typing. I’m using you right now, to “write” this.
  • Thank You Freedom and Anti-Social for shutting down the Internet everyday, when I need to a bit of creative focus, saving me from myself.
  • Thank you crowdfunding for helping me to create a very special print book and thank you to all the wonderful crowdfunding supporters.
  • Thank you to the members of the Alliance of Independent Authors and the Creativist Club for support, motivation and inspiration. I learn from you every day.
  • Thank you most of all to the two teams: the Orna Ross team and the ALLi team. None of this could have happened without you.