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Indie Poetry Please! Podcast: Submission Guidelines

Indie Poetry Please! is part of the monthly Self-Publishing Poetry Podcast from the Alliance of Independent Authors. Below you can find the Indie Poetry Please! submission guidelines: how to register, follow the podcast on Patreon, and submit your poem’s to next month’s callout.

  • broadcasts on Patreon, YouTube, SoundCloud and through the Alliance of Independent Authors’ networks on the last Wednesday of each month.
  • widely syndicated through iTunes, Stitcher, Player.FM, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Twitch, Soundcloud and many other outlets.

Each month, I introduce audio readings by three indie poets and talk about why they were selected. My aim is to introduce our listeners to some of the most exciting, inspiring, and dynamic voices working in poetry today.

Indie Poetry Please! Submission Guidelines: Register, Submit, Record.


Registration is a dual process, by email and on Patreon.

  1. EMAIL sign up: Use this form to register your interest in appearing on the show.
  2. Follow on PATREON:  Follow my Patreon page here. This is where the poems are submitted. Following is free and instructions on how to follow are here) Once followed, you will also receive details about each month’s show and a weekly self-publishing advice roundup from the Alliance of Independent Authors.
  3. CALLOUT: Monthly callout. Once registered, each month you will receive a public callout (by email and on Patreon) to submit your poems. 


Submit up to three poems per month.

  1. SUBMIT: Submit your poems when requested.
  2. QUOTA: Up to three poems only for each show.  Paste one long (40+ lines) or up to three short poems in the box provided (link provided by email), one poem per box. Please do not submit more, this will disqualify your entry.


Record if requested.

  • AUDIO: If your poem is selected for broadcast, we will be in touch to ask you to record/send us an audio version.
  • SCHEDULE: We will need to receive the audio one week in advance of the planned show.

Indie Poetry Please! Submission Guidelines: Please Note

  • Indie poetry please! submission guidelines. Pic Orna RossIndie Poetry Please! is not an open mic. Various considerations go into the selection process, including our theme of the month, getting a spread of genres, what has been previously broadcast, and many other factors.
  • Patrons have priority but neither submission nor patronage guarantee broadcast
  • Should your poems be selected for the podcast, we may broadcast any details you submit here, through the registration form, or in correspondence, unless requested otherwise.
  • Persevere! If not selected one month, please don’t let that keep you from trying again. Our slots are limited and perseverance may well be rewarded.
  • Even if not selected for broadcast, your poems will be enjoyed on the Patreon page by many other poets, by my patrons and other followers.

Good luck!  I very much look forward to reading your work.

If you have any questions, Sarah can help: sarah@ornaross.com