Where are you? The splendor of creation awaits.
Beauty veiled, she dallies, playing with the wings
of birds passing, swaying her hips with the wind,
wanting to dance, to bring you music from planets
and clouds. Call her by right name, hear her answer.
Male or female, she is yours. See her
linger, singing and playing, holding out
her braceleted arms, all tinkle and glint.

She wants to roll ecstasy over and under
your skin, swirl bubblings into your blood, breathe
you away through the waves of the ages. You can stay
where you are (where are you?) and listen. No,
don’t even listen, just be quiet. Unmask, that is all.
She will offer herself, unasked and unasking. No
demands from her, ever, to know: where are you?

I hope you enjoy this new poem in my inspirational poetry series. For me, a poem is a key, unlocking the infinite, bringing us into creative presence.

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