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Poetry For Readers

Orna Ross writes inspirational poetry about life and love in which the ordinary is transformed into the eternal and pain is reshaped into understanding.

 Orna Ross is a major poet and deserves the world’s attention.” ~ Robin Cutler, Director, Ingram Spark

orna ross writes inspirational poetry How I write and Publish Poetry: I write new poems by hand in a notebook before transcribing them onto my blog or, if they’re short, to my Instagram page. Lots of haiku there.

When I have ten poems that I like, I publish them in pamphlet form. I’m currently gathering a selection of these together into themed collections and also creating audiobooks which I’m narrating myself.

I also have a Patreon Page and dedicated poetry tiers, which offer an exclusive poem a month, just for my patrons, among other giveaways and bonuses.

I’m surprised and delighted by how the new publishing technologies are bringing poetry to the people and enabling more poets to make an income from their work.

I love helping other poets to publish well and build an audience and run a monthly online open mic to showcase other poets work.
orna ross writes inspirational poetry