Workshops For Creative Entrepreneurs

Have you tried one of these free online workshops for creative entrepreneurs yet?

Topic this month: Getting Into Creative Flow: How Creative Entrepreneurs Work Rest and Play. You can catch that workshop here).

Over time, they are building into a guide to running a successful creative business, the creative way.

Workshops for Creative Entrepreneurs: Who Are They For?

These workshops are not just for authors but for artists and musicians, educators and therapists, movers and shakers, doers and makers of all kinds. Anyone running a passion-powered business is creative entrepreneurs, drawing on internal strengths of purpose, enterprise and dedication, rather than purely a profit motive.

Workshops For Creative Entrepreneurs: What To Expect

  • To re-examine your values, see what your passions are telling you, uncover a sense of mission and possibility, and bring them together into what I call your “mashion“, a mash-up of mission and passion.
  • You’ll work with F-R-E-E-writing and other creative tools to  establish clear creative intentions for your business (which means your assets, processes and expansion plans, as well as your core service or product).
  • With the right creative intention in place, you’ll map it through the seven stages of the creative process as it relates to business
  • You’ll identify personal challenges and resistance patterns and uncover why they arise, how to deal with them and their value in unfolding what you need to do next
  • The workshops take place on Facebook Live and you’ll have ample times to ask Questions and offer comments

Workshops for Creative Entrepreneurs: How To Register

The workshops happen online by Facebook Live at My Facebook PageTo join in, I have to send you an invitation to the live event (though you can attend at your own convenience). To receive an invitation:

  • Go here to my Facebook Live Event Page
  • Click on the event you are interested in
  • Click to say you’ll be attending or are interested
  • I’ll forward the invitation ten minutes before the event starts. When you receive your invitation, tap Go Live to join the broadcast.
  • If you’re not online at the time, don’t worry. The video will remain live on my Facebook Page so you can catch up when you can.

Workshops for Creative Entrepreneurs: On YouTube


Workshops for Creative Entrepreneurs: On This Blog

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