I am a freethinker. I prefer the enlightened to the religious.


I distrust dogma, including dogmatic atheism.

And I believe “Is there a God?” is the wrong question.

What I do believe in is creative intelligence — my own and that of the world in which I live.

(And I believe in yours too, whatever you might tell me.)

This intelligence is what shapes our world and our experience of it.  In us, imagination is its incubator, enthusiasm its breath, inspiration its voice.

Through it, we – consciously and unconsciously – co-create with life, ordering the details of our existence in ways we often only dimly understand but can always fully experience.

And the closer we align our behaviour to its ways of being, the easier everything flows.

For ourselves.  And for everyone and everything we touch.

So long as we fully allow what is… to be.


NEXT TIME: Goodbye New Year’s Resolution; Hello Creative Intention.

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