creative imprisonment

This week’s create date: I’m heading to the Southbank, for the Koestler Exhibition 2017

As readers of my novels know, I’m fascinated by the theme of containment.

Years ago, (when I still published under my own name) my MA thesis was about women who were confined to what was then called the “lunatic asylum”.

For years, those women and the social control that led to their imprisonment haunted my night and day dreams.

And the experience of one of them was given to the character of Norah in Before The Fall.

So I’m always interested in the Koestler exhibition, an annual display of art by offenders, secure patients and detainees, curated each year since by an established artist.(That Koestler also wrote The Art of Creation makes it all even more interesting to me)

And this year, the exhibition is curated by another favorite, Anthony Gormley, who says the exhibition shows that “even in these places where there is an extraordinary deficiency of hope… people can not only reflect on their lives in the world but transform them.”

The healing, transformational power of art.



You can read more in London’s Evening Standard here.

And see more work from the exhibition here.