Welcome to your weekly update of the best creative intelligence weblinks. It’s been a big week for indie authors, with the news that Harry Potter’s creator, JK Rowling, is joining the ranks. Wired Magazine has all the news of this Radiohead moment for publishing.  And you can catch the woman herself giving us a taste of Pottermore here.

Then came word that John Locke, the man from whom every e-publishing author can learn, became the first author to sell a million on Kindle.

If you’d like to do something similar, or want to sell anything, anywhere, We Grow Media has some great advice on How To Build Your Brand From The Core. (Hint: It’s All About You).

Robin Sharma talks about Leading Without A Title, taking a gent’s bathroom attendant as role model.

For Screenwriters: The Script Lab on 10 Steps To Completing Your Screenplay. You know them but which one are you on? More basics in a nice video from John Cleese on Creativity.

Here’s life coach Martha Beck on letting go of what the loved one’s do so you can focus on creating your own good feelings instead: Love More, Care Less.

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I’m off to speak to the Society of Young Publishers about Digital Skills for authors and small publishers tonight. Will bring back any gems I manage to mine.