It’s August already. How did that happen? I can’t even blame the Olympics as I think I’m the only person in England (in the world?) who hasn’t seen one single event, aside from the opening ceremony.

I’ll watch the closure too but the events themselves? Whisper it… but I can’t really bring myself to care who comes first or last. They all seem superhuman to me.

I prefer events where grading winners and losers is not the point.  Like writing.

So that’s been my big event of the past week: bringing out my latest book.  It’s called BLUE MERCY and it’s available here on Amazon Kindle UK, and here on Amazon Kindle US, if you like ebooks.  (The pbook version will be with us in September).

And we’ve also had lots happening over at the Alliance of Independent Authors. You can download a copy of the August newsletter here, if you’re interested.

Of course, writing competitions exist too and I’ve just heard news of one that sounds worth the entry fee, the International Award run by the admirable Historical Novel Society, the organisation that has done so much to raise the status of historical ficiton worldwide.

If you write, or would like to write historical fiction, you might like to enter too. Details here.

I hope your news is good. If you’ve anything exciting happening (it doesn’t have to be Olympian), toot your horn in the comments below.