corn flowerAfter years of typing directly onto the keyboard, Stephen King returned to writing his first drafts in longhand, “because I wanted to see what would happen,” he says.

“It changed some things.  Most of all, it made me slow down because it takes a long time.  Everytime I started to write something, some guy up here, some lazybones is saying, Aw, do we have to do that?

“But it made the rewriting process a lot more felicitous. It seemed to me that my first draft was more polished, just because it wasn’t possible to go so fast.  You can only drive your hand along at a certain speed.

“It felt like the difference between, say, rolling along a powered Scooter and actually hiking the countryside.”

from The Paris Review Interviews, Vol 2.  Philip Gourevitch (ed.).  Learn From My Mistake is a new weekly column on the Creative Intelligence Blog.


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