Planning Your Creative Today

The weekly intention map left room for three assignments a day, if you work full time.

Or one, if you work on your creative business part-time.

You’d rather do more, perhaps, but usually more turns out to be less.

Try this creative containment for a while and see.

Download the day maps here.

90 Minute: 3 Waves A Day Download by clicking on the image above


Weekly Log: 1 Wave A Day Download by clicking on the image above

Imagine the flow of the day in advance. Ask yourself what’s most exciting and interesting and important.

Block set times for engagments: email, phone calls, social media

First and foremost: when are you going to do your MIT, most important thing?

Make your mapping session a routine: do it at the same time every day, in the same place.

Orna Ross
Author: Orna Ross

Orna Ross is an award-winning author-publisher, advocate for independent authors and other creative entrepreneurs and, as Director of the Alliance of Independent Authors, "one of the 100 most influential people in publishing" (The Bookseller).