Margaret Atwood has gathered a team of developers and is  raising money to allow passionate fans around the world to interact with their favourite artists. Fanado, a mobile app, will cost about $85 000 to develop.

[youtube lyEfvIKetBg]

In this  embedded video, Atwood introduces the new mobile app that will give fans a peek at the artist’s writing desk, recording studio or workspace and give them the opportunity to interact with their favorite creative person – writer/poet/ composer/ painter  in digital space. The meetings can be archived, which gives a kind of stickiness and share-ability to these close encounters.

Your Name in Margaret Atwood’s Next Novel?

Ok, now for the kicker. According to appnewser, Atwood is prepared to write you into her next novel in return for a donation/investment for the development of Fanado.

“For a $10,000 investment, you can actually win a spot in Atwood’s next novel along with a host of other rewards: Your name – or the name of a friend of nominee – as a character in Margaret Atwood’s forthcoming novel, ‘Maddaddam,’ or as a Gardener Saint. Bragging rights with all your friends – you’ll be surprised how cleverly Margaret weaves you into her story.”

What do you think of this?