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monday motivator membershipJoin the creativepreneur movement. A creativepreneur, as the name suggests, is a particular kind of entrepreneur.

We are a diverse bunch: writers and artists, coaches and counselors, healers and educators, techies and coders, yogis and meditators, activists and changemakers. Digital movers, makers and shakers of all kinds.

What unites us is that for us, work is personal. We run passion-powered enterprises that mine a personal talent, further a personal cause or mission, reflect and reinforce a personal set of values.

And we focus as much on how we do work as on what we do. As we create digital assets that work for us online, our intention is to keep stress and overheads low. Enjoying life and staying free are top priority.

Ten years ago, we were rarely found in business and there wasn’t even a name for us. Today creativepreneurs are all over Internet commerce, and creating a revolution just by building and running our enterprises—-businesses and non-profits—-the creative way.

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