Before The Fall (The Irish Trilogy II)
Category: Novels, The Irish Trilogy
Tags: contemporary fiction, Irish historical fiction, women’s fiction
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It’s August in the long, hot summer of 1995 and Jo Devereux can’t believe that she still hasn’t returned home to San Francisco, though the time for her to have her baby draws near. Why is she staying on in Ireland, in this crumbling shed at the edge of the ocean? Jo has spent months writing about her great-uncle’s death at the hands of Dan O’Donovan but now she is brought to consider just who led Dan to his grisly murder, by suffocation in Mucknamore’s notorious sinking sands. Was her beloved Granny Peg really capable of luring him out there in revenge for the killing of her brother? Or perhaps for more intimate reasons? Or was her grandmother, as Jo would like to believe, innocent of all? Combing family letters and diaries for what has gone unsaid, Jo is unprepared for her reaction, as Civil War reaches its peak and she comes to realise the price she, and her people, had to pay for freedom.But what does it mean for her relationship with Rory, Dan’s great-nephew, as he draws ever closer? Will her mission to redeem the past turn out to be the key to her future? Or is she about to lose out, all over again?

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