Beyond The “Law” of Attraction: A Creativist Compendium
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This is not a book about creativity in writing or tech, arts or craft, but a guide to being more creative in daily life. To consciously creating that unique and important, exceptional and valuable, living art form: you.

Much of my writing over the years has been about this less usual understanding of the creative process as the process that makes everything in life, not just art and music and literature. This book, an anthology of inspirations and insights from that work, is about how to harness, own and hone this process.

In it, I’ve gathered together poems, chapters from novels and from the Go Creative series that relate to conscious creation and creative living. What all the extracts have in common is the concept of creativism, the art of creating more of what you truly want in your life and less of what you don’t.

Chapters as: “The Seven Stages of The Creative Process”; “How To Create Anything” and “Where The ‘Law’ of Attraction Goes Wrong” introduce enduring wisdoms about creative practice, including how to foster flow, overcome self-sabotage and enjoy true creative living.

Novel extracts illustrate creative principles in action and inspirational poems are included to ignite the state of creative presence as you read.

Its ancient wisdom, up-to-date science, and lasting literature all contribute to providing a sound foundation for creative learning. Through it, you can develop the courage to open up, more and more, to the unknown and to claim your own truth, even against the opinion of others.

It will help you to consciously create your own version of creative success, day by day, as you establish a reliable process, and learn to live, authentically and confidently, from creative principles.

In doing so, you’ll effectively equip yourself for the creative age. You’ll find yourself creating an authentic and fulfilling life that generates happiness in you and others and enjoying whatever comes your way.

I hope the book will ignite your own creative spark and give you an introduction to the Go Creative series, as well as offer a practical guide to being more creative at work, at home and in everything you do.

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