Creating Money Creating Meaning
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BOOK 5 from the GoCreative! Series

Orna Ross had what she describes as a typical money life for a woman and a creative: I overworked and under-charged, overspent and under-earned. I kept my distance from money and wondered why I was always broke. Then one day she asked herself, what if I stopped dealing with money as the world defined it and handled it my own way? A more creative way? What if I applied the same creative process I use to write novels and poems to the making of money? It was radical; everything changed. But true to the creative process not at all as I expected. This book shares everything Orna came to know about applying the creative process to money in her own life and in teaching others the same principles and practices. Ten years after teaching her first Making Money, Making Meaning class, Orna Ross reveals the seven-stage process she has used with hundreds of clients to help them overcome self-sabotage and make friends with money. Full of exercises, case studies and stories from her own money life, this is not just a book for creatives but for creativists, anyone who would like to apply the creative process to money and other aspects of daily life. This book asks: What is this thing, money? What is it for? How do we create enough of it, for ourselves and others? How do we improve our relationship with it, so that our financial life brings joy, prosperity and peace, not just to ourselves as individuals, but to the societies within which we live. First, you will “unlearn” what you’ve been taught about money by a conventional schooling and workplace. Then you will be brought through a step-by-step process, so you can reconnect with true wealth and release the power of your creative potential in your financial life. This book will heal and transform your relationship to money.

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