Go Creative! in Business Book 1: Producing. Processing. Positioning
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The 3 Pathways to Profit for Creative Entrepreneurs

Creative business is not a contradiction in terms. In the Alliance of Independent Authors and The Creativist Club, we regularly see members whose work, apparently suddenly, starts to reach growing bands of fans and followers. Soon they’re expanding their influence and income exponentially.

Others look on, perplexed. They’re overworked and underpaid, or don’t know how to get started. What they’re creating isn’t being discovered. Everything feels like a struggle.

They may think this is a matter of luck but actually, whenever a creative breakthrough happens, certain key conditions have come together.

As a creativepreneur, you need to know how to apply your innate creative potential to working on, as well as in, your business. That’s what will transform your struggle into a fun, you-shaped, scalable enterprise that will sustain you, creatively and commercially, long term.

It all begins with going creative.

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